Mexico, Creel, Cañon del Cobre, Bar "Rico Coktel"Mexico, Creel, Cañon del Cobre, local fashion shopMexico, Creel, Cañon del Cobre, Chihuaha State, pool jointMexico, City of Chihuahua, Charro bootsUS, Buffalo, frozen Erie canalUS, New York City, Freedom Tower and a section of Calatrava's roofUS, New York City, Freedom Tower and Calatrava's roofUS, New York City, Times SquareUS, New York City, Lower East SideUS, New York City, Mao in the Fashion Show at the Metropolitan Museum of ArtUS, New York City, Fashion Show at the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art)US, New York City, Harlem, action cornerUS, New York City, Spanish Harlem cornerUS, New York City, Upper East Side, Central ParkUS, New York City, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, HatsUS, California, dry river bed, Death valleyUS, California, walkers in Zabriski Point, Death ValleyUS, California, two-toned rocks, Zabriski PointUS, California, a couple congratulating themselves for being in Death ValleyUS, California, at Zabriski Point, Death Valley